"Music transcends us all," that's what Oliver & Tom, composed by Andrés Martynowicz and Mauricio Infiesta, is all about. This duo’s symbiosis originated in their childhood. Growing up together, they shared diverse musical experiences in rock and pop bands, where Andrés excelled in the electric guitar and Mauricio in the acoustic drums. A few years later, both continued their studies now choosing the piano and synthesizer as their main instruments of production and giving rise to the creation of the electronic music group "Oliver & Tom." The name honors two characters of an anime called “Captain Tsubasa”, who were known for their strong bond both on and off the football field. These two Argentinian producers found their way to Progressive House in 2017 when they signed their first tracks with the famous and very prestigious label "The Soundgarden," founded by a current legend of the genre, Nick Warren. The musical style of “O&T” is defined by incorporating groove and emotion into their songs, allowing the audience to experience different sensations and movements while listening. The musical influences of this duo come from some of the best electronic artists such as Nick Warren, Hernán Cattaneo, Sasha, John Digweed, Guy J and Guy Mantzur. Oliver & Tom came to stay, creating a musical alternative and a sound of their own that seeks to remain at the highest levels of Progressive House. We will be following their productions and the future that awaits this phenomenal duo!


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